Shakedown Ride #1

Anticipating the up and coming winter riding season, it’s always prudent to put several hundred miles on the odometer. The upcoming trip to Anza Borrego, CA. and the ADV Rally will be true testing grounds for myself and ZED.

One of my favorite backyard rides is north, into the Rio Grande Gorge National Monument, NM.

The view during the ride up to the West Mesa never disappoints.

Then of course, there’s the always popular tourist destination on the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. If you traveling this road always keep an eye out for our friendly neighbors, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.

Ride Safe

If so inclined, peruse my No Rules Adventure Images.

Fishing Gold Waters

Fishing the golden waters of the Rio Grande of New Mexico. Autumn is a special time at any location and here in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument that’s definitely the case. A lone angler wades into the cool waters of the river, applies his fishing skills in hopes of hooking up. The golden leaves of the shoreline cottonwood trees provided the color for the reflection. With the setting sun on the water, the reflection almost out did the gold color of the turning leaves themselves.

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