Roatán SCUBA 2022-2023

With Summer over it was time to reinvent myself. So with #nothingbettertodo I found myself in Roatan, Honduras diving with Coconut Tree Divers for the Winter of 2022/2023.

Time for a safety stop. Note the Lion Fish spear dangling down from the diver John.

Diving the Bear’s Den.

Avoiding the North American Winter was the goal. I landed on the RTB airport tarmac November 2022,

Azure Vase Sponge of the Canyon Reef dive site on the North Shore.

The daily commute. It’s the rainy season and yes it did.

The required commute when diving the Roatán Marine Park.

It was a three turtle dive at The Bears Den.

It was a three turtle dive at The Bears Den. Note the Remora’s hitching a ride on it’s back.

A slow day on Bottom Time boat as we’re heading for the first dive of the day

An endless line of Creole Wrasse.

My gear locker at the dive shop.

Seahorse (yes they are a type of fish) on the reef at the El Aguila Wreck.

On the dive boat.

Fire Coral – The bane of every diver.

Sand Diver Lizard Fish.

The true West end of the island shows some high dollar development. Image taken prior to diving at Pablos Place, South side.

The Dive Log, 2022

Diving the wall at Pablo’s Place. Typical sea fan on the overhanging wall.

Mural inside the shop.

The colors of a deceased crab.

Bubbles are like snowflakes, no two are the same.

Banded Coral Shrimp inside a small barrel sponge.

A large grab inside a large barrel sponge.

An island of coral and sponge on the sandy bottom. (Image converted to black and white)

The El Aguila sits off the north shore at 110 feet on the sandy bottom.

It was sunk by Anthony’s Key in 1997.

Coral Gardens of the Roatán Marine Park, Honduras.

Banded Coral Shrimp inside a Barrel Sponge.


Trunk Fish are so cute when they swim. Huge body with tiny fins.

Sometimes the turtles just don’t get a break.

More turtle fun.

Full moon reef.

Spotted Morey Eel.

Morning at Half Moon Bay.

The easiest way to Defy Gravity.

Creole Wrasse on the move.

The morning dive from Bottom Time.

A New Wave Rafting cap sighting on the head of Instructor Juan.


International Travel Mode.

Instructor David

The rEVO Closed Circuit Rebreather never blows a bubble.

A busy morning at the El Aguila wreck.

Mandy’s Eel Garden.

A closer look at the inside of a large Barrel Sponge.

Sargent Majors on the move.

A busy morning dive.

Spiny Lobster and yellow boring sponge.

A busy morning at the Coral Garden.