The Road Ahead

Motorcycle Adventure Riding is a worldwide endeavor. This dual-sport image was taken while crossing the Navajo Reservation of Arizona. With Navajo Sandstone being the dominate rock formation of the area, the color can be dazzling.

ZED ~ 1992 BMW R100GS

The Road Ahead is one of the more popular images. It can be viewed here.

Ride Safe

Stripped Valve Cover Bolt

When winter adventure riding the Desert Southwest a handful of problems can arise. Anything from broken bones to engine breakdown. Luckily there were no bone fractures.

Baboquivari Peak Wilderness is a 2,065-acre wilderness area in the U.S. state of Arizona

While doing the morning inspection of ZED (1992 R100GS) it was noticed that the right side center valve cover bolt was protruding out more than it should. Reaching down, I easily pulled it all the way out. My initial reaction was despair. Now what?

Luckily I had cell service a quickly logged into Adventure Rider (see post here) and got a quick reply. The upshot of what followed was “no worries”.

Here’s the center stud with the stripped threads of the aluminum head.

Luckily this is a thru-hole, a tent stake demonstrates that fact.

First you must have the proper tools for inserting a Helicoil.

Then enlarge the hole to accept the tap for cutting new threads. For me this was the scary part. The enlarged hole must be straight and is best done on a drill press.

Tapping the threads.

Inserting the Helicoil.

And so the problem is solved and it’s back to riding.

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