Photo shoot in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument.

Photography has come along as a artistic avenue for releasing that creative edge some of us struggle to let out.
Art is the use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others. So as I venture out creating image after image and spend hours in the digital darkroom, I develop the first required item, skill. As for imagination, if we free ourselves from external limitations, we begin to think outside the box.

So photography is an art form without rules. Now that, is a game I can play.

In the beginning, photographers were hired to document an event, archive family or personality portraits, record moments in time and portray the beauty of the world around. Photographers started enhancing their images in the dark room in order to create an image more closely resembling what their minds eye saw. Photography has passed through the enhancement portal into the world of special effects, known as digital art. So somewhere in there exist the balance, where the image is a true representation of the real visual perception of everyone who views it, combined with it’s obscure or cryptic essence as viewed and reproduced by an artist.

My work is rooted in my experience in nature. As an outdoor enthusiast, rock climber, adventure motorcycle rider, SCUBA Dive Master and Instructor, kayaker, Swift Water Safety Instructor and a whitewater river guide, I have found myself in some pretty amazing places. Having a camera in hand is perhaps the only way that “they” would believe me. It could be a iphone, a simple point and shoot or my Nikon . The challenge for me has been learning how to use my gear and knowing its potential. I utilize digital processing to enhance what is already there. Striving to find a balance between the physical and its essence. The natural wonder that I feel in the outdoors reminds me of my childhood musings, where my sense of adventure was free from erroneous limitations, where there were no rules. It is this sense of play that I share via my photographs.


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